Too lazy to do some work in design or something right now, and insecure too.. This "website" sucks, and the autor dont even know english well, but i wanted someone to talk (or write) with, and im tired of people

I think i will basically just use my basic english knowledge and p tags

Why? do you ask (no. You probably dont, but i will answer anyway and the reason for that might be the answer)

Everyday i just lay around and do my daily routine of a useless human with no purpose or meaning in its life. And in some of these days, navigating by reddit in r/InternetIsBeautiful i found this really cool website on neocities and though: "Dude, they have personallity and tastes! these sites is so fucking cool, i wanna be like those kids, instead of just drowning in my loneliness, boredom and selfpity. I could start a site like this too (Common how hard can it be to do something like that, i bet even someone like me could do it(Well, i couldnt and this is what became :^) )) ".

And... im stuck again, i dont want to talk about my life (who im kidding, of course i do, i love to talk about me me me, but not today fellas) and my days are usually really boring, dont have any talents or anythings, so i will just wait till some random burst of motivation appears